Feature and Advantages of a Hybrid cloud storage

As the name suggests, hybrid cloud storage is a combination of a private cloud and one or many public clouds with a central medium software allowing a communication flow between each of the different services. The entire cloud hybrid is like an environment that uses both shared and private cloud computing services. 

What Is Hybrid Cloud

These are preferred nowadays because of their high scalability & flexibility keeping the security risks minimal. The data and the software and app are allowed to share the resources and move the workload in both the public and private clouds. This offers greater control over the data along with maintaining the costs and resources. 

Hybrid cloud storage allows organizations to keep the sensitive information secured on the private cloud and share the less sensitive data to the third-party public clouds. The easy data flow and the unified management are the key perks of choosing a hybrid cloud infrastructure. The admins can manage each cloud specifically and ensure the security and management as per the need. 

Hybrid Cloud Storage Features

The cloud hybrid infrastructure comes up with various features that can make the management and security at par. Here is a quick overview of all the common yet important features: 

  • High-class security to ensure the safety of sensitive data and assets. 
  • Faster speed with easy connectivity and access. 
  • Automation of crucial tasks to reduce manual workload. 
  • Extended flexibility and scalability. 

Easy data transmission between public and private clouds. 

Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud 

Let’s dive in and see some of the prominent benefits of choosing the hybrid cloud environment: 

1. Hybrid clouds are fully scalable and can be set to meet the organization’s requirements. The non-sensitive data and operations can be moved to the public cloud and dependency on the private cloud can be decreased. Also, the various involved resources can be moved up and down based on the need. 

2. The advantages of both public and private cloud can be accessed by the organization. The hybrid cloud has a variety of options to increase the flexibility of data transmission and management. 

3. The extended customization possibility in hybrid cloud storage ensures the business demands are met and the client’s need is fulfilled. 

4. The IT companies can rely on the cloud hybrid for easy data transmission and usage between the public cloud and private cloud. It also ensures that minimum interruptions are caused in business operation in case of any data failure or blunder. 

5. Migrating to hybrid cloud storage can save you a lot of capital. The organizations have to only pay for the resources that are being used which turns out to be quite low. Private cloud services are a bit expensive than public cloud services. But, overall, the entire cost is lowered by minimizing the resource and service expense. 

Disadvantages Of Hybrid Cloud

Yes, you heard it right. Like any other technology service, hybrid cloud storage has also some of the drawbacks of downsides that need to be recognized and addressed: 

1. Security is a crucial factor for the cloud hybrid as loads of confidential and sensitive data of the organization are exposed. Achieving complete security is a very difficult process but the proper precautions and measures should be taken into considerations. 

2. The users are not provided much control in the hybrid cloud. The interaction flow between the public and private cloud should be maintained smoothly. But, still, the users have no control over this data flow. 

3. A bottleneck situation can arise while the data transmission takes place between the public and private cloud models in a hybrid infrastructure. The public internet remains often very slow and is used for transmitting data in the public cloud. Hence, the network problem arises and it has no stable solution till now. 

4. The compatibility of the clouds with other infrastructures is still an issue with cloud hybrid service and hence the performance can also be hampered a bit. 

5. Proper visibility is one of the concerns with the hybrid cloud environment. Certain important regulations and guidelines can face in-compliance because of the idle instances. 

Best Hybrid Cloud Service Providers

The IT industry is on the boom and for cloud computing, there are multiple options to choose from. The big names and key players of the technologies are offering their premium hybrid cloud storage. Let’s explore some hybrid cloud examples and take an overview of each one below: 


Microsoft’s Azure was the very primitive hybrid cloud service provider in the market and is currently the second most popular hybrid cloud infrastructure. Its open-source platform is what makes its usage much easier for organizations. The prompt support for hybrid cloud architects has made the start of the new projects faster and handy. 


Being the largest public cloud worldwide, Amazon is one of the prominent players in the cloud market. It is said that it covers around 40% of the cloud space and controls the same. The extensive features of Amazon Web Services (AWS) include content delivery, powerful computation, networking features, and seamless database management. 


With the inbuilt integrated stack and automated lifecycle management, VMware becomes a key hybrid cloud service provider in the market. Its vCloud Connector is a powerful connecting interface that links the public clouds with the private clouds and allows management as a single hybrid environment. VMware integration is also possible with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 


Google is ruling the technical space worldwide. Even after being the latest entry in cloud computing, the Google cloud platform has achieved a paced growth and recognition. The solution is highly effective in handling complex computational requirements with access to machine learning and big data technologies. 


IBM hybrid cloud storage services have been the most recent ones and gaining quick steam. It is known for its potent benefits like control, speed, security, and cost. 


Rackspace hybrid cloud storage has been in collaboration with Dell and VMware like big names and expanded the private cloud to offer hybrid cloud-based services. Its service goes by the name turnkey and growing with speed. 

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